Thieme is an award-winning international medical and science publisher serving health professionals and students for more than 125 years. It is known for the high quality and didactic nature of its books, journals, and electronic products.

Thieme Medical Package
Thieme offers a total of currently 40 medical journals in English language with excellent impact factors. The journals can be licensed either by pick and choose or as a package with a very attractive Consortium price. All titles include back file access from 2000 onwards.

Thieme Chemistry / Pharma Package
Thieme publishes 5 chemistry journals covering all fields of synthetic organic chemistry. All publications are peer-reviewed by experts in the field.

Thieme E-Book Library
The Thieme E-Book Library is an acclaimed online collection of lavishly illustrated full-color downloadable textbooks from Thieme’s renowned Color Atlases and Flexibook series. This comprehensive electronic library covers every course in the medical school curriculum to help students, researchers and clinicians master critical subjects in medicine and the life sciences.

Science of Synthesis (SoS)
It is the principal reference resource in Organic Chemistry. It is a continuation of Houben-Weyl chemistry database, which exists for more than 100 years.

Thieme Clinical Collections
This resource is the prime resource for essential clinical E-Books. The Collections contain an extensive assortment of E-Books carefully selected to provide the students, researchers, and clinicians at your institution with thorough coverage of all major medical fields.

Pharmaceutical Substances
It is the most authoritative standart resource for chemistry and pharmaceutical sector for over 30 years. It offers access to more than 2,400 APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), patents, and implementations.

Thieme Teaching Assistant
Thieme Teaching Assistant is a state-of-the-art electronic teaching platform for Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology or Biochemistry. Lecturers can incorporate dynamic visuals into their presentations and course packs to present complex concepts with unprecedented clarity and to enhance and reinforce their students’ knowledge. Students can use the clear, full-color images for review, study, and self-assessment.

Winking Skull
WinkingSkull is an online study aid for must-know anatomy. It covers 2000+ images from Gilroy et al.’s Atlas of Anatomy. 240+ images are available as free on the platform.

Thieme eNeurosurgery
Thieme eNeurosurgery is a unique online resource providing the global neurosurgical community with unprecedented access to Thieme’s entire neurosurgery collection. This powerful platform enables you to search for procedures you want to brush up on, confirm references for your writing, fi nd visuals for your presentations.