Lean Library

Lean Library – a SAGE company- is a powerful browser plug-in, delivers library services into your patrons’ workflow, wherever they are. Extend your library’s reach with our collection of research Solutions.

Library Access

Provide users with seamless, off-campus access to library licensed e-resources.

For your patrons: Library Acces recognizes your e-resources at any level then has your patron authenticate, once authenticated, patrons can go about their research accessing your e-resources, patrons see that the e-resource they are accessing is backed by your Library.

For your library: Lean Library utilizes your services and does not require you to change your systems, your logo and messaging about access and further assistance keeps your library on your patrons’ mind, statistics on usage of your e-resources helps with data-driven purchasing decisions.

Library Assist

Promote your library’s value and deliver targeted messages in the patrons’ workflow.

For your patrons: Library messages lead your patrons to the right page or right Support, with the library’s assistance, patrons have more tools to improve their research, patrons are reassured the library is working hard for them, wherever they are.

For your library: Customizable messages let you give patrons the right message at the right time, messaging patrons on any site helps you drive them back to library resources when they need help, your branded logo increases patron recognition of your library’s value.

Library Alternatives

Provide alternative legal routes to discover full-text articles or eBooks when patrons hit barriers.

For your patrons: Patrons don’t spend money on articles or eBooks they may already have access to, patrons spend more time researching and less time worrying about access, patrons get redirected to your library’s e-resources when the article or eBook is available elsewhere.

For your library: Leading patrons back to the library when they hit a paywall increases usage, searching for Open Access alternatives when you don’t have the article or eBook gives your patrons more options. Help ensure patrons can find what they need even when you aren’t with them.