Founded by a former school teacher and inspired by the confirmation of the Higgs Botson particle in 2013, Faculti contacted Professor John Ellis, CERN and Kings College London about making a shot interview of the ground breaking news. The aim was that the interview would be shot as is (without journalistic input but or losing its academic weight) rather letting the figures speak for themselves with only minor aesthetic editing. Eight years on, Faculti now as a vast archive of over 4000 insights and produces thousands of new insight annualy.

Faculti Platform

The Faculti Platform is an important reference tool which gives users instant access to relevant and up-to-date academic and professional research insights. This continually expanding media library of news, analysis, facts and figures includes insights from The United Nations, the British Parliament, the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and 1000’s of academic and research institutions worldwide. The Faculti audience is predominantly the higher education, academic and research community, but also associated professional organisations such as financial institutions, policy organisations, think tanks, hospitals and schools. Faculti is an inclusive platform that works with new PhD students through to Nobel Laureates.

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