Electude is the world’s leading automotive e-learning company with clients in over 30 countries spread over 5 continents. It is a company built on a belief that vocational education should be approached differently. For over 20 years, this belief has driven them to provide students with the most effective, engaging and enjoyable methods of learning.

ELECTUDE – Game Based E-Learning

Electude is a gaming-based, automotive e-learning platform & database that has proven to be the most effective method of automotive training.

It allows trainees to learn about the complete vehicle, from bumper to bumper, as well as teaching them how to maintain and repair cars, by using interactive animations and simulations.

Electude e-learning modules are relevant for all levels up to experienced diagnostic specialists.

Electude’un e-öğrenim modülleri deneyimli arıza tanımlama uzmanlarına kadar her seviyeye uygundur.