Tha Charlesworth Group

The company’s core services include editorial and publication support such as English-language editing, and consultancy, sales and marketing within the Chinese market. Their publishing solutions and experienced staff support clients across three continents and have offices in the UK, US and China


Charlesworth Author Services offers a variety of services for authors in order to improve the quality, clarity and readability of their written English, and to increase the effectiveness of their manuscripts in communicating the process, findings and importance of their work.

For this, they provide high-quality English-language editing and publication services to support authors submitting work in non-native English which not only benefit the authors themselves, but also improve the quality of submissions editors and publishers receive. Our services are available for journals, books and other kinds of academic content (including theses and reports).

Their main services are;

  • Trainings: The Charlesworth Group works with universities, institutions, research groups, and third party training providers to develop and deliver training workshops aimed at Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and graduate students (MSc and PhD).
  • Author Services: These services include;
    • Correction of spelling, grammar and punctuation
    • Check for use and consistency of technical terminology and content
    • Edit to target journal style
    • Edit for style, clarity and legibility
    • Check appropriate use of graphics and/or tables
    • Re-edit free of charge if unsatisfied
    • Abstract Writing/Editing
    • Cover Letter
    • Scientific Review
    • Reference Formatting
    • Translation
    • Plagiarism check (Using iThenticate)
    • Journal Selection
    • Figure Formatting & Editing

Charlesworth Author Services welcomes speculative applications from freelance native English-speaking editors with PhD qualifications or equivalent. Please note that all new editors undergo testing to ensure they meet the company’s standards.