Avicenna-Research is a newly formed company based in the United Arab Emirates with the sole purpose of enhancing and disseminating research from the Arab World. Historically, research information is a North to South one way road where universities and research centers are seen as consumers of information rather than producers of research. At Avicenna, we seek to bring forward the increasingly relevant research taking place daily in the Arab world by supporting the academic institutions and all the researchers of the region.

Corepaedia is our flagship solution and has been built with the needs of the region at the forefront of our mind. Corepaedia’ s aim is to collate not only research produced in your institution(s) but also to showcase the researchers themselves. At its core, Corepaedia is a research information solution whereby all the research is collected, researchers/ authors are profiled and all this is linked together to create a complete and comprehensive view of the research output of a university, group of universities, research organization and any other organization that produces research.

Dar Almandumah – provided by Avicenna- has been working hard and continuously, for several years, to develop a series of scholarly databases with full-text content that brings together all research and studies contained in Arabic periodicals and academic journals. Those databases include more than 1500 specialized academic journal titles and more than 1800 conference titles, in addition to around 100,000 theses and dissertations. Due to this large and growing content, Dar Almandumah’s databases have become a prominent and the most used databases in the Arab world. There are different subject base collections such as;   EduSearch (Learning and other social sciences), IslamicInfo (Islamic and Legal Studies),HumanIndex (Humanities), AraBase (Arabic Language sciences and Literature), EcoLink (Economic and Management Studies).