• Customer Services: We elaborately manage all inquiries of the libraries to increase the level of customer service satisfaction. Being native Turkish and residing in Turkey is a big advantage to create good communication with the customers.
  • Sales & Marketing: We perform sales and marketing activities targeted to both academic and corporate markets in Turkey through telemarketing, direct mailing, customer visits, etc. We also provide respective reports regarding our activities directed the publishers.

  • Market Analysis & Consultancy: With the experience over the years, we can assist the publishers to define the customer needs, to conduct and develop further sales opportunities in Turkey.
  • Invoicing Support & Credit Control: Payment procedure is quite complicated in Turkey. We simplify it for the publishers. We handle any customer inquiry regarding the invoicing, we process all requested legal documentations that need to be processed in Turkey on behalf of the publishers. We do close follow-up of the invoices and payments from the customers.
  • Licences : It is very time and energy consuming for publishers to send their licenses to each and every customer to get them signed and to collect them back. We get the licenses in one go, dispatch them over the customers, do the follow-up, compile and ship all signed copies to the publishers at once.
  • Conference Representation : We know that it is not always possible for the publishers to attend all local events in a country. Therefore, we represent publishers in conferences, exhibitions, and similar events in Turkey to promote their products and make presentations on their behalf if requested.
  • Training & Workshops : We arrange an annual event called “EaZy Days” every year in different city of Turkey with the attendance of our publisher colleagues. Each Year different theme is debated. We also arrange trainings and workshops on publishers’ behalf. We organize all the details; venues that the sessions would be held at, invitations, food and beverage arrangements for the events. There would be nothing left for the publishers to handle and spend time on.
  • Translation & Printing : It is essential to provide information to the customers in their own language. We can translate publishers’ brochures, commercial e-mail texts, etc. into Turkish. We also have their documents printed locally to make it easier and cheaper for the publishers.

EaZy Solutions offers support to Consortia, Libraries and Research Centers to access and manage the academic electronic resources:

  • Facilitating communication with publishers: The time differences, language barriers with the publishers as well as not being able to communicate with the correct person are time consuming elements for the librarians among work density. Therefore, you can contact Eazy Solutions, being the single address for all publishers about all issues, at any time and as often as you wish. Your request or question will be answered as soon as possible by contacting the Publisher immediately.
  • Training and Panels: The educational use of resources of publishers represented and bringing together publishers and libraries by organizing panels for topics that may be useful to the library community are an important part of the services provided by Eazy Solutions. The most important event in this regard are the annual EaZy Days meetings. You can visit the website for more information about EaZy Days meetings.
  • Exclusive provision of payment documents: The delivery of the invoice, certificate of authorization, license and other necessary documents issued for the institutions by the publishers and required to be paid to the library after completion of all processes in due time are other service of Eazy Solutions.
  • Consultancy Services: As a result of experience gained over many years, the team of EaZy Solutions have detailed knowledge about the information needs of libraries, budget structures, sources, content, technical specifications, pricing models and internal operational structures of publishers. In this regard, experience and knowledge are gladly shared with the libraries through special content development consultancy services based on the information needs.