Academic Computing13-15 February 2019Ordu, Turkey
25th Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Special Libraries Association / Gulf SLA6-7 March 2019Abu Dhabi, UAE
London Book Fair12-14 March 2019London, UK
Library Week25-31 March 2019
ANKOSLink 20192-5 April 2019Antalya, Turkey
UKSG Annual Conference8-10 April 2019Telford, UK
Tehran Book Fair24 Apr - 4 May 2019Tehran, Iran
QQML 2019 (International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries)28-31 May 2019Florence, Italy
European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2019)8-14 June 2019Stockholm & Upsala, Sweden
EAHIL 2019 (European Association for Health Information and Libraries Workshop)17-20 June 2019Basel, Switzerland
40th Annual IATUL Conference 201823-27 June 2019Crawley, Australia
LIBER Conference26-28 June 2019Dublin, Ireland
6th Annual International Conference on Library and Information Science29 July - 1 Aug 2019Athens, Greece
Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP)22-24 Aug 2019Prague, Czech Republic
85th IFLA General Conference and Assembly24-30 Aug 2019Athens, Greece
International Moscow Bookfair4-8 Sept 2019 Moscow, Russia
ALPSP International Conference11-19 Sept 2019Berkshire, UK
European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL2019)
ÜNAK 2019 Symposium3-4 Oct 2019Ankara, Turkey
e-BEYAS Symposium10-11 Oct 2019Ankara, Turkey
Frankfurt Book Fair16-20 Oct 2019Frankfurt, Germany
IALL Annual Course (The International Association of Law Libraries)27-30 Oct 2019Sidney, Australia
10. International Open Access Week21-27 Oct 2019
International Istanbul Book Fair2-10 Nov 2019Istanbul, Turkey