EaZy Solutions serves as a liaison between libraries and scientific publishers.

EaZy Solutions provides libraries with easy access to academic information and solutions for its effective management while extending complete local support to the publishers.

EaZy Solutions with its multi-dimensional services and proven record of expertise assures quality communication between libraries and publishers.

Founded in 2010 by Mrs. Zeynep Ataman and Mrs. Ebru Aktas, EaZy Solutions has further grown and flourished with Mr. Sitki Aktas, Managing Partner and Ms. Aysegul Ciner, Customer Services Executive joining to the team.

Zeynep Ataman – Founder, Managing Partner

Holding a bachelor degree in international relations from Bilkent University, Zeynep started her professional career at Swets, one of major players in the sector. During her tenure at Swets, she also earned a master’s degree in business administration from Middle East Technical University. In 2010 after working five years at Swets, Zeynep co-founded EaZy Solutions with her partner Ebru.

Ebru Aktaş – Founder, Managing Partner

Ebru earned her bachelor’s degree in library and information science from Ankara Hacettepe University. Following graduation, she worked as a librarian at Hacettepe Libraries and played a crucial role in their re-establishment. She then joined Swets, one of the big players in the sector. In 2010 after working six years at Swets, Ebru co-founded EaZy Solutions with her partner Zeynep.

Sıtkı Aktaş – Managing Partner

Following his studies in Bursa Uludag University, Sitki continued his education at Damland College and Erasmus University in Holland. He started his professional career Faxon, an American company and worked as a customer services and sales manager between 1990 and 1994. When Faxon was acquired by Swets, Sitki was transferred to Swets Dutch office. Initially he was the country manager for Turkey, and then he also took charge of the Turkey office. Between 2008-2014 he worked for Springer Publishing as Regional Sales Manager. In 2015 he founded EaZy Solutions Holland branch and joined EaZy Solutions’ team.

Ayşegül Ciner – Account Manager

Aysegul has a bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature from Eskisehir Osmangazi University and graduated at the top of her class in 2011. She did her internships at ‘Altın Kitaplar Publishing’ and ‘Tiyatro…Tiyatro… Journal’ in editorial and public relations departments. She joined EaZy Solutions in 2012 as Customer Services Executive. She earned an MBA degree from Beykent University in 2018 and she is continuing her career in EaZy Solutions as Account Manager.